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NeeTube is a free online YouTube video downloader that allows you to download any YouTube videos with multiple formats like 3gp, flv, mp4, full HD, 4K video and mp3 also. The free and fast online YouTube downloader allows you to download and watch videos offline on your PC, laptop, TV or any other device.

Why NeeTube?

Type the name of the video you intend to download in our search box and click enter. With a single click, NeeTube will navigate you to the major website including YouTube. It will give you a chance to preview the quality of the video and then download. The site has added a download feature that pops below the video. NeeTube has a better way of downloading the YouTube videos to suit your needs. With NeeTube you will be able to:

Download direct from YouTube:

NeeTube allows the user to get video direct from YouTube while watching. If you are watching video on YouTube and want to download that video then just append getlink with the YouTube URL like:

Youtube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR_VxdMnqdk
Would turn into: http://neetube.in/watch?v=AU1YWFumNKU

Search for videos:

Enter the relevant keyword in the search box and the relevant video with the keyword will be displayed. Just enter the keyword or search term in the input box and click the 'Download' button, a search page will open with all the videos related to that keyword.

Get plugin:

NeeTube provides a functional Bookmarklet that can be added to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. The NeeTube bookmarklet can be added to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. Clicking on the bookmark opens a popup where you can enter the link on which you need more info. By default, the link of the currently open tab/window is taken, which is useful in case you want to retrieve the download links for a YouTube video that is already open in your browser.

NeeTube downloader is available free of charge and doesn't have restrictions. With no popups and upgrade ads, NeeTube will provide you with the best surfing and downloading experience. Every feature is fully operational and does not require a manual to understand the site. We have the best user-friendly website.

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